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Deborah covers Glow Magazine

August 14th, 2015

Deborah is featuring the cover of current Glow magazine, with a beautiful photoshoot by Max Abadian and interview by Alexandra Breen.

Unlike most actors, she has yet to face any “So, now what?” anxieties, because within 48 hours of wrapping her last scene in True Blood, she was on a plane headed to New York to shoot Daredevil. Hard work and good fortune? For sure. But Woll’s modus operandi shines through when she describes her attraction to characters like Hamby and Page. “A strong woman isn’t a woman who is flawless and has no weakness,” she says. “It’s just about a woman who, despite those weaknesses, pushes forward or confronts them at some point.” Ironically, Woll describes herself as a risk-averse person, claiming that part of the appeal of acting is that she gets to hide behind her characters. “Things that I would find scary in my own life I can do when I’m in character or when it’s in a story. So in a way, that is how I fight my own fears,” she confesses.

Print screen of magazine can be found in our gallery, alongside with the HQ photoshoot. But you can also check the magazine itself at Glow archive.

The screencaptures for the four remaining screencaptures of Marvel’s Daredevil season one are now added. You can check the respective galleries by clicking in the links below. Enjoy!

Deborah Ann Woll for Flaunt

July 8th, 2015

Deborah is featured on current Flaunt magazine, on its Summer Camp Issue. She has this beautiful photoshoot made at Mama Gallery.

Woll gained television recognition early in her career on HBO’s True Blood as Jessica Hamby, an innocent girl who transitioned into a vampire during the finale of the first season. What was supposed to be a two-episode arc landed her a recurring role, and swept her up in the vampire craze that overtook the world following the success of Twilight. The show lasted seven seasons and became one of HBO’s tent-pole series during its run. Most recently, she’s joined the Marvel universe as Karen Page in the Daredevil series on Netflix; a 13 episode union of the comic book heavyweight and the online streaming king.

Unlike the heroes of the Marvel films, this television incarnation is decisively more humanistic in its approach. Its hero, Matt Murdock—a lawyer by day, masked vigilante by night—is blinded in an accident as a boy, yet left with his other senses heightened. The story’s villains don’t wield godly power; rather, they are a sinister section of society out for their own gain.

“I think in any media you try to relate to what you see is going on in the world. Something that I respond to in our Daredevil story is that it’s about people who—despite the odds, despite how scary and dangerous it is—don’t just turn away and ignore it. If you’re Matt Murdock, you jump in and you fight until you save the person’s life. If you’re Karen Page, you investigate and you go where no one else is willing to go and you write the story.”

Read the full story at Flaunt website, and come back later for proper scans.

Screencaptures of Deborah Ann Woll on Daredevil’s 1×09 episode “Speak of the Devil” (one of my favourites so far, in a really brilliant season) has been added. Enjoy!

The gallery has been updated with HD screencaptures of Deborah Ann Woll in Daredevil season one episodes Stick and Shadows in the Glass. Enjoy!

Monterrey Media acquired all U.S. and Canada rights to Tatia Pilieva’s debut feature film Forever. Co-written by Gill Dennis and Tatia Pilieva Forever stars Deborah Ann Woll, Luke Grimes (50 Shades of Grey), Ioan Gruffudd (“Forever”, Fantastic Four) and John Diehl (Road to Nowhere).

The US theatrical launch is planned for early Autumn.

Alice is a young, passionate investigative reporter. She suffers a sorrowful loss and her reporter’s instinct leads her to an enigmatic commune where she begins to plot her next story. Instead she begins to unravel the paradox of loss and find her will to live and love again.

Added screencaptures of one of my favourite (’til now) Daredevil episodes. Enjoy!

Another batch of screencaptures has been added, this time the 5th episode of Marvel’s Daredevil, World on Fire. Enjoy!

I have added screen captures of another Marvel’s Daredevil episode, this time the #4, In The Blood. Enjoy!

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