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The Women of Marvel welcome Deborah Ann Woll, aka Karen Page from “Marvel’s Daredevil” on Netflix to the show! She talks about getting into character, the series as a whole, plus table-top gaming and more!

There’s some new interviews with Deborah being published on Youtube, from her Daredevil press day yesterday. Check it:

Continue Reading published an amazing Q&A with Deborah about Daredevil, which you can read an excerpt below:

Did you have any opportunity to shape the character?

As a woman in a television show about superheroes, you certainly go, “Well, I don’t just want to be the love interest, or just the girl, or the damsel in distress” – you know, all of those [tropes] that we try to avoid. So I was concerned about those things. I’d also come off of a long series, and the idea of jumping right into potentially another one was a little daunting. So I got on the phone with [Marvel Studios head of television] Jeph Loeb, and we spoke for about two hours. He was so generous with his time. And by the end of that conversation, I really knew I wanted to be a part of this.

Karen Page certainly isn’t a damsel in distress. She’s introduced that way – the show’s first episode has her framed for murder and turning to Nelson and Murdock to save her – but it takes several episodes before we really understand the kind of person she is. She’s really guarded and careful.

One thing I really enjoy about that first episode is that she doesn’t trust them right away. And I think what a lot of lesser series would have done is that she would have instantly recognized that they were the good guys, and told them anything. But I love that she doesn’t! She holds it back! And it’s because she’s been betrayed by this company she was working for, and so many people are trying to kill her – so she doesn’t instantly trust them. She goes back to her apartment to try to find this thing, the only thing that can save her life, and she doesn’t trust the boys to go do it. And I think that’s great, that she’s careful about that.

Check the full interview at

Check this behind-the-scenes look with an interview with Deborah talking about Karen Page.

Deborah on The Morning Show

April 15th, 2015

Deborah visited The Morning Show to talk about Daredevil. Watch the video above, and check screen captures in our gallery.

Netflix released all episodes for Marvel’s Daredevil yesterday and, boy, it looks AMAZING! Definitely a must-see!

I decided to add screen captures weekly, and tonight I have up the very first episode, Into the Ring, capped in high quality and added in our gallery. The episode introduces Deborah as the lovely Karen Page. Enjoy (and be aware, it contain spoilers)!

Byrdie invited Deborah and her porcelane skin to make a make up editorial with four beauty looks for Spring. You can check the photoshoots in our gallery, and check a excerpt below:

Byrdie: You’re joining the wild popular comic book genre as Daredevil’s Karen Page. What do you love about that character
Deborah Ann Woll: I liked that she was as much of an adrenaline junky as Matt Murdoch is, as Daredevil is, and that she is kind of attracted to danger and wants to save the city. And she might not be able to do that with her fists, but she can with the law and her intelligence, and with a courageous spirit. She will go down any dark alley to find out what she needs to.

B: Did you draw inspiration from any personal life experiences for the role?
DAW: As an actor, you draw all of it from your own experiences. Everyone experiences every range of emotion even if it’s on a smaller scale, so the idea is just tapping into that and making it bigger. In a literal sense, my boyfriend is blind, so I do know what it’s like being around someone who is blind, both the physical and emotional struggles that go with that.

B: You went back to your natural hair color for Daredevil, do you miss your red hair at all?
DAW: I do! You know, I had seen myself as a redhead for 15 years, and I like the blond as well, but I always had that red hair to sort of anchor me. I am a no makeup kind of girl, so I felt like it was good to have that for me, because I could look more done without anything. With the blond, I do notice that my features fade a little, so I have to remind myself to at least put on a little mascara.

B: I read that you used box dye for your red color. Did you do the same for the blond?
DAW: Well it was a quick change, but since I was doing it for the show, they covered that cost for me, which meant that a really talented professional did the changeover and maintained it for the series. That was just a treat for me. In the interim, since this is a little bit warmer than my natural hair color, I have been using some box dye to keep it up.


Deborah is featured on current Nylon magazine issue.

So focused is actress Deborah Ann Woll on honing her craft that she’s been known to let all of her emotions sit very close to the surface. “Most people, when they feel a laugh or a sob in their throat, might choke it down because it’s inappropriate,” she explains over a bowl of tomato basil soup in the booth of a Beverly Hills steak house. “You don’t want people to see you cry over something as silly as a commercial. But I don’t want to hold back, because that trains me to hold back. So, when people watch me, they’re seeing someone who is actually feeling something, not someone who is squeezing and trying to push out a tear.”

For this reason Woll, a graduate of USC’s prestigious School of Theatre, is drawn to intense projects—by nature, her work is genuine and anguished. After a seven-year run as the scene-stealing vampire Jessica Hamby on HBO’s recently concluded True Blood, she now takes on the role of Karen Page in Marvel’s Daredevil, a new series out this April on Netflix that’s adapted from he original comic. “It’s definitely darker than the others,” she says, noting that the show is the first in a slate of five live-action adventure series (also including Marvel’s A.K.A. Jessica Jones, Marvel’s Iron Fist, and Marvel’s Luke Cage, all leading up to the characters teaming up in Marvel’s The Defenders) to premiere only on Netflix.

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