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Posted by Belle on December 13, 2017

Took me a while to get these but I finally added the ComicCon missing portraits to our gallery! Check them out down below.

Posted by Belle on November 15, 2017

Romance might not be high on the list of things you’re expecting from Marvel’s The Punisher. Overseen by Hannibal producer Steve Lightfoot, the show is a dark and emotionally grueling exploration of vigilantism, as Jon Bernthal’s Frank Castle relentlessly pursues vengeance for the murder of his wife and children, and in the process is drawn into a vicious conspiracy within the military he once served.

But when Frank made his debut back in Season 2 of Daredevil and became a near-instant fan favorite, his unexpectedly intense dynamic with reporter Karen Page (Deborah Ann Woll) jumped off the screen, and they’ve lost none of their spark now that she’s a part of his standalone series.

Below, Woll speaks with about the “longing and affection” between Frank and Karen, the unspoken darkness in Karen’s past, and why this version of the character will never be sexually compromised.
Woll’s off-the-charts chemistry with Jon Bernthal was evident from their very first scene in Daredevil Season 2.

“Jon’s such a remarkable person, and I very much fell in love with him as a performer working on that second season, so when they asked me to come in and do Punisher I didn’t even miss a beat before saying yes. Our processes are similar—I think we both take the work very seriously and we both like to maintain our connection to the material throughout the day. It doesn’t mean we don’t joke around, but we’re not goofing off up until action. It’s a committed connection to the material, and not everyone is like that. Sometimes when I work that way people roll their eyes at me, and Jon didn’t. He was excited by it, so that meant a lot to me.”

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Posted by Belle on November 09, 2017

Deborah attended the New York premiere for Marvel’s new Netflix series “The Punisher” last Monday the 6th. I added a few pictures of the red carpet to our gallery, hopefully I’ll find more! Check them all out in our gallery using the link below.

Posted by Belle on August 02, 2017

Finally! I updated the gallery with the missing pictures from the San Diego Comic-Con pictures and also the premiere and after party of ‘The Defenders‘. Check them all out down below.

Posted by Belle on May 06, 2017

Deborah attended the 24th Annual Race To Erase MS Gala yesterday, May 5th, and was pictured with actress Lea Thompson in Beverly Hills. I could only find this one picture, feel free to check it out on our gallery using the link below.

Posted by Belle on April 23, 2017

Deborah attended a couple days ago on April 20th the ‘Shelter For All‘ Campaign Event with boyfriend EJ Scott. They both looked great! Check out the pictures of this campaign in our gallery using the link below.

Posted by Belle on April 21, 2017

Deborah attended the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2‘ premiere that happened this Wednesday, April 19th. Sorry for taking so long to post these, better late than ever! Check out these red carpet pictures on our gallery using the link below.

Posted by Belle on March 16, 2017

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